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WORTHY: The Swim Reaper by FCB New Zealand

Earlier this year in the southern hemisphere summer, FCB New Zealand launched a life-saving campaign for Water Safety NZ in partnership with ACC, titled The Swim Reaper. 

The Swim Reaper hung out at swimming spots around New Zealand armed with a seriously dark sense of humour. His goal: save lives by ironically encouraging deaths.

The campaign targetted young males, as they disproportionately make up more than one-third of preventable drownings in New Zealand. A lot of these drownings wouldn’t occur, if young males simply made smarter decisions around water. However, this cynical audience reacts badly to being told what to do. Positive safety messaging simply doesn’t resonate with them. Instead, FCB took up a darkly comedic standpoint, under the creative tagline “Swim dumb and you’re done.”

The Swim Reaper is looked to claim as many lives as he could, but by openly encouraging young people to be dumb around water, he ironically ends up pointing out the stupid behaviours that can lead to fatalities.

Since the campaign’s launched, The Swim Reaper’s photo and video posts have had over 2.25 million views. His Instagram account has proved popular, earning more than 18,000 followers and more than 60,000 likes.

See more @iamtheswimreaper on Instagram and on Snapchat

Credits List:

Regional Executive Creative Director: James Mok

Executive Creative Director: Tony Clewett

Creative Services Director: Jenni Doubleday

Creative: David Shirley

Creative: Melina Fiolitakis

Head of Craft: Nick Smith

Retoucher: Anton Mason

Head of Media – PR, Activation & Social: Angela Spain

Senior Account Manager – Social: Laura Holyoake

Head of Hive Content Creation: Lauren Watling

Content Director: Michael Braid

Content Creator: Cameron Wilson

Editor/s: Michael Braid/Cameron Wilson

Photography: Michael Braid

General Manager Wellington: Sean Keaney

Account Director: Katya Frolova

Account Manager: Emilie Watts

Senior Media Planner: Andrew Coulthard

Digital Planner/Buyer: Desita Anggrani

Senior Digital Designer: Warik Blake

Digital Designer/Developer: Carl Ceres

Social Campaign Manager: Lena Aziz

Production Company: FCB New Zealand Hive

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