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Europe to be Honored as Separate Region in LIA’s Regional of the Year Awards

LIA’s recent decision to introduce ‘Regional of the Year’ awards in addition to its global ‘Of the Year’ awards, will be a great incentive to the top creative companies in Europe.  If your company is creative enough to win a Regional of the Year Award, it will not only add to your profile it will certainly make your current clients very happy.  It will also be a great tool to attract new clients.  These winners will receive a LIA Statue.

Like the global ‘Of the Year’ awards, this is based on a point system and will be awarded to companies that score high enough. The regions recognised will be:  Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Asia, Middle East/Africa North America and South America.

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Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Jung von Matt Germany:
The new LIA Regional ‘Of the Year’ award is a great opportunity to evaluate the creative power of the European countries among themselves. It is a fantastic idea, to make this comprehensible for the industry sectors – but still in the context to LIA in general. It will create a new benchmark in the European communication market.

Gerry Human, Ogilvy & Mather, London:
It’s hugely valuable to understand where the best work is coming from, especially if it’s happening on your doorstep. LIA doesn’t only recognize agencies, but all the people behind the work too. Inspiration, plus a brilliant way of tapping-in to the region’s finest talent. Big thumbs up.

Guido Heffels, Heimat Berlin:
When I first heard about the announcement of regional LIA accolades, I immediately thought of this famous and immortal tagline for Fox Sports Regional and dared to revise it: ‘An award for the only region you care about. Yours.’ Let’s face it. It’s so damn true, especially when you are an independent regional agency that has better things to do than to compete against global networks. In a globalized world of too many award shows, this newly introduced regional award puts the spotlight on the right agencies and people. Those of the upcoming future.
Laura Gregory, Great Guns, London:
I am excited that LIA has again added more value to recognizing companies, agencies, production houses and more with the inclusion of creative excellence awards for individual regions. This new initiative will create opportunity and expose even more great work from around the world elevating our creative standards. An award from LIA is more than a trophy; it is true recognition of creative and creativity performing on a global stage.

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