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Anchor tastes success with poems about milk

Dairy brand Anchor New Zealand has tasted the success of appealing to a young audience with its latest campaign, Milk Slams. The three poems written about milk are designed to inspire teenagers to be themselves and create their own definition of strength.

Says Creative Director Dave Brady, “We know that young people ignore advertising, especially in digital environments. So we challenged ourselves to create three pieces of content that would surprise people when they realised it was also an ad.”


Each film piece is strategically brought to life in a different visual style to connect with a broader group by catering to a range of tastes.

Says International Group Business Director Rachel Morgan, “All of our research around this audience reiterates the importance of communicating with young people beyond the demographic they may fall into.”

The results were impressive, with an average view through rate seven times higher than industry standard, and unaided awareness of Anchor reaching more than 80% after watching the films.

For an audience accustomed to high octane and energetic brands within the FMCG category, the work has debunked traditional benchmarks and received 58% of total views from earned media.

The campaign has successfully proven itself as compelling content for teenagers, with one social video post ripped and reposted before official launch garnering more than 200K views, and a leading prime time current affairs show airing the film ‘A Blank Canvas’ live on air.

Fonterrra Marketing Manager, Kevin Taffs, describes the impact as phenomenal saying, “We’d always targeted Mums as the traditional household shopper, but we realised that we needed to be more targeted if we wanted to connect with our future dairy consumers. When it comes to teenagers you have to speak authentically to prove your relevancy, and that’s exactly what Milk Slams has done.”.

Milk Slams is the third campaign produced under Anchor’s global “Go Strong” platform.


Agency: Colenso BBDO

Client: Fonterra

Andy Dasgupta, Chief Marketing Officer

Clare Morgan, Marketing Director

Otavio Faccina, GM Anchor

Kevin Taffs, Marketing Manager

Poems by Harry Baker

Production Company (‘Inside-out’, ‘Real’): Assembly

Production Company (‘Blank Canvas’): Brett Goebel & Parris Goebel via Studio 23

Filmmaker/DOP (‘Real’): Megan Au

Sound Design: Peter Hobbs, Harmonic Studio

Media Agency: MediaCom

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